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Are you ready to help reshape the world in the wake of Covid-19?

Dear friend, 

The chances are that you are here because you are greatly concerned by the way the world has unfolded over the past few years and you would like to play a role in helping to co-create a brighter future. 

The global response to Covid-19 created the most significant blanket interference to our individual and collective freedoms in recent history, exposed deep fragilities within society and highlighted the need for urgent systemic change.

Corporate interests dominate over democracy, freedom of speech and the right to protest are under threat, media narratives have replaced objectivity, societies are increasingly divided and trust has eroded in institutions and world leaders.

The need for change is exacerbated by the widespread emergence of economic recession, geopolitical conflict, supply chain disruption, poverty and the increasingly technocratic and totalitarian culture within society. 

This is a wake-up call for humanity to come together to triumph over our adversities, preserve our freedoms and create a better world.

It is time for some truly new thinking about how to create a better world for the people and the planet.

You are invited to join us inside the Elevate Network; a private community with a shared mission to elevate humanity and enrich the world.

“We are ALL fighting a form of oppression and we have a common enemy - the institutions of power that are clinging on to control and a fear based existence.“

We stand for a free, open and democratic world.

We envision a free, open and democratic world where individuals and societies have the opportunity to flourish.

The Elevate Network is founded upon a simple philosophy: to make the world a better place, all one has to do is imagine that world, and start living in it as if it were already here.

We are building a counterculture movement where we:

  • Advocate for free, open and democratic societies

  • Address the division and polarisation within society 

  • Provide a catalyst for personal & societal transformation 

  • Support the decentralisation of power and control

  • Explore new philosophies for modern life

Our goal is to help set the tone for a transformative period of personal and social change and you are invited to join us!

Join a global network of changemakers

By joining the Elevate Network you will be part of an empowering community of activists, changemakers, entrepreneurs and free thinkers from all across the world who are coming together to explore solutions to the complex problems facing our world.

We believe that our greatest opportunity for impact lies not just in connecting people to each other, but in creating an empowering space where people can explore solutions and support each other in the quest to take the type of action that can lead to deep and profound change.

We connect individuals and institutions who are re-evaluating social systems and exploring how to create personal, cultural and societal change. We link people to projects and ideas to help transform them into reality.

Why join us

Our unique approach blends content, community and changemaking to provide you with the opportunity to make new connections and play your part in creating individual, cultural and societal change:

  • Be part of a network of activists, entrepreneurs, creatives and free thinkers.
  • Explore what is emerging, challenge mainstream narratives and unravel the key challenges facing humanity  
  • Meet like-minded people in your area by joining our regional groups and taking part in our live events
  • Discover opportunities to co-create and collaborate on projects and initiatives
  • Take part in impactful campaigns to help create a free, open and democratic society

By joining the Elevate Network you will be part of a rapidly expanding network of pioneers who are creating impactful campaigns, driving change and developing ways of thinking that can disrupt the status quo.

"I love how Elevate enables me to connect with likeminded people around the world, and to be in a place where we can discuss, disagree respectfully and learn from each other.  I feel that Elevate provides a great opportunity for each of us to use our particular strengths to translate ideas into action, make best use of our time in making a positive impact on the world" - Ray Fletcher, June 2022

The story so far

The Elevate Network is an example of how a personal transformation can lead to a journey of social transformation. 

Dan Astin-Gregory is an entrepreneur, content creator and freedom activist and founder of the Elevate Network. 

Over the past two years, Dan has documented many of the issues that have stemmed from the response to covid-19 via the Pandemic Podcast, reaching over 10 million people in the process.

Dan spoke when others were not willing, articulating the concerns of part of the population who felt side-lined and alone in their views. By joining the Elevate Network you will be part of a community of like-minded people.

  • 10 million+ podcast views
  • 50,000+ subscribers
  • 5000+ Elevate Network members

We’re new but we’re growing fast! We have a small team who are here to listen and learn with you as our community grows. Since we started, we have been inspired by the dedication of our members who have helped us to develop the direction of the Elevate Network.

Ready to get started?

Join us inside the Elevate Network today!

The Elevate Network is free for all to join, however, if everyone who watches our content and joins our community helps to support our work by becoming a 'supporter', we can continue to produce rational sensemaking content, deliver impactful campaigns and help to pioneer change.

By joining the Elevate Network as a 'supporter' you will have access to:

  • LIVE Q&A sessions with our podcast guests
  • Community and sensemaking calls where you have the opportunity connect and share ideas with like-minded people within our network
  • Receive supporter-only discounts to our live events, courses and partner offers
  • Get involved in activist campaigns and grassroots change initiatives
  • Access to bonus content and behind-the-scenes updates

By joining us as a 'supporter' you play your part in helping us to build an organisation that can become a catalyst for long-term change. 

Join us inside the Elevate Network today to connect with like-minded activists, changemakers, entrepreneurs and free thinkers and together we can set about helping to co-create a free, open and democratic world where individuals and societies have the opportunity to flourish.

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